Monday, June 13, 2011

The Eye Doctor

Raise your hand if you have ever been to the eye doctor. Now Raise your hand if you like it. hmm weird no one raised there hand! I have been going to the eye doctor a couple times a year since i was 7. Its miserable. First, you get there and have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait....Its like an all day event. I swear everytime I go I am there for at least 3 hours.
Then the Doctor finally comes into the room
"One or two...Two or three...Better better better...worse worse worse"
"But doctor they all look the same"
"Pick one Katie. Pick one. One two or three".
This number counting conversation goes on for about 30 minutes until you finally just pick one because you can't tell the difference.
Then they make you read random letters that you still can't see I'm always thinking
I should have picked 3. Dang is that a Q a C a A or a O for heavens sake it could be a D. I knew I should have gone with 3 always go with 3
Then you have to go back to the counting game because it turns out the letter was a G. This time you pick 3 right away and get all the tiny tiny letters right.
This isn't even the worst part. Next he gets the brightest light any medical supply company makes and shines it directly into your eye. "Look straight forward Katie. Don't focus on the light. Look at those letters on the wall." Your eye starts watering uncontrollably. "Why is your eye watering? Is that light to bright?" You don't even answer that question. Then you get your eyes dialated. For those of you who have not experience this little gem of an invention thank heaven in your prayers every night. For the next 6 hours it feels like the sun is only 1 foot from your face instead of the 92955817 miles that it actually is. You can't focus on anything and you have to wear the hideous sunglasses that they give you because your forgot yours. I always end up leaving the eye doctor looking like this.

I would like to publicly apologize to my brother Scott. Who is in the process of becoming an eye doctor. Or already is one...not really sure where that line is drawn. I am sure you wont be like this.
Yes I went to the eye doctor today
Yes I am extremely grateful for the eye doctor...I love being able to see
Yes I needed to vent about it
The End


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh, this is EXACTLY how I feel every time I go! Ugh, I'm so sorry :( And you reminded me that I should be making an eye appointment soon...

  2. Oh katie. I love this!! I have never experienced the eye doctor so this was really great detail for me to hear. I feel like I should know about all this stuff because I'm married to one and I take my 5 yr old to one every 3 months. So thanks for the post, it was very informative.

  3. Brett just went o the eye doctor for the first time and was pratically crying when he got his eyes dilated, baby! Hope your new guy is as good as Dr. Donaldson.