Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ali Turn's 2

- Ali at two is a pretty big trip. Weighing in at 23 pounds and still in the 95% for height and head size. 
-She is still pretty tiny though. Wearing 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing, Although most of that is getting too short these days. Size 6 shoes.
-Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, oranges, salad, cheese fries in ranch, grapes, corn dogs, fruit snacks, and trying to sneak sips of diet coke.
-Ali's favorite words: Mine, go away, come on, more, any and all animal noises, okay, bye, where it go,  uh oh, oh no, yay, baby, night-night 
-Ali STILL hates milk and most meat. 
-She has recently started refusing bows and it is ruining my life. It adds to the 100 times a day she gets called a boy.
-This kid loves anything with sprinkles. ANYTHING. Sometimes her dad is naughty and puts sprinkles on her yogurt in the morning.

-Ali still is not the best communicator. Whenever we figure out what she wants and ask her if she wants it she gets a big smile on her face and nods her head as expressively as possible. We really hope she starts talking more soon.
-She loves going to the pet store. 
-Ali is obsessed with horses. OBSESSED. She usually has at least two within arms length at all times. She rides her horse all day everyday. Sometimes trying to trick ride it (standing up on it and saying weee).
-She loves shoes. Is very particular about what ones she wants to where and when.
-Still loves to climb on anything and everything. 
-Hates, Hates, HATES the doctor. They do not have a good relationship. Every time we go it is such a painful experience. 
-Ali has chronic ear infections so we go to the doctor a lot. We both hate it. Luckily she is getting tubes the end of this month.
(Here she is - preparing to tick the doctor as hard as she can as soon as she walks in the room)
-She loves suckers and hates taking pictures. Both shown below

We had a little birthday party for Ali at Chick-Fil-A. She thought it was pretty cool to be back in the presence of two year olds. Ran around giving all her friends she hadn't seen for a month hugs. 
She was ticked we wouldn't let her dig right into those sprinkles. She did not want to be sung to. 
Her favorite meal. Salad, fries, and Juice.


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