Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Few Weeks of Sisterhood

Here is Ali freaking out at the hospital when she was first introduced to her little sister :). I guess the fit could have something to do with the fact that her parents left her for 3 days without any explanation or warning. It was pretty traumatic. 
On our way home from the hospital!

The first few weeks of sisterhood for these two have been pretty (crazy) good. Ali really loves Lena on her own terms. Anytime we walk out of the room and leave them alone she walks up to her and gives her a kiss or holds her hands - both of these kind actions give me anxiety though. I never know when Ali is going to lose it and think Lena is the devil. I don't like them to be left alone together haha.

 When Ali does decide she wants to hold her little sister it is pretty much the cutest. However, half the time we ask her if she wants to hold Lena she screams "NOOOOOO" and pushes her away.

This is their first time laying next to each other. It was about a week after Lena was born. Since Ali had been sick we weren't letting her anywhere near Lena. She was pretty pleased when we finally let them lay by each other. 

Such a big helper with the binkie and the bottle. Besides when she swipes the binkie for herself!

Always trying (sometimes dangerously) to share her toys with her sister.

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